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“I can give every person in the world a unique address.”
—Michael Olsen, Chairman of Addressing Homes

There are an estimated 4 billion people in the world who do not have an address. According to Dr. Joan Clos of the United Nations, ”If you do not have an address, you do not officially exist.“ Addressing Homes is dedicated to ensuring that every living person not only has an address, but also an identity. Starting with Liberia, we’re working to improve people’s lives.

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Ambassador Deborah Malac

U.S. Ambassador Deborah R. Malac

“This is really fascinating… and something that will benefit not only Liberia but the world. I look forward to seeing it move ahead.”

James Dorbor Jallah

James Dorbor Jallah
National Coordinator for the Ebola Response Task Force

“The potential to change the world with Addressing Homes is on the scale of… Albert Einstein’s theories and Thomas Edison’s discovery of electricity.”


David F. Beyan

“Addressing Homes in Liberia will benefit not only the power company, but nearly every government ministry, organization, business and the citizenry.”